Nutrition & Paragon Performance Training

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January 1 = Nutrition + @paragonperformancetraining 👑

We don’t believe nutrition should have a start or end date, but holiday season can certainly make it easy to slide away from habits we know help us feel great!

We want to use these next 4 wks to lean into being a little more awesome. The ultimate goal? To make sure we’re crushing enough food & killer lifestyle habits so we can feel our best inside and outside of the gym.

If hormones and adrenals aren’t doing great or we’re lacking that “second gear”, that’s feedback the body needs a little attention & TLC. Similarly, if diet/fat loss efforts aren’t successful – that’s also feedback to peel back, eat more food, focus on basics, & give the bod a break.

So Paragon is kicking off 2019 by starting off on the right foot: Well fueled, well recovered, & feeling strong.

We’ll Be Teaching You How To:
⚡️Calculate and estimate maintenance calories
⚡️How to reverse diet (if we’re not currently eating enough food)
⚡️How to get started on weighing/measuring food & tracking macros (if that’s something you’re interested in)
⚡️Laying down foundations for good health – such as protein intake, eating enough vegetables, 10k steps, sleep, and fiber

⚡️Dates: 1/1/19 – 1/31/19
⚡️Cost will be $30/person ($1/day)
⚡️Participants will purchase their ticket, download the Wodify Rise phone app, &then log task completion daily within the app.
⚡️There will be access to a special PPT Nutrition Guide + LCK’s 125 pg Nutrition Ebook – The Badass Nutrition Guide

⚡️Every weekend, @lauriechristineking will also open a FB live to answer questions or answer nutrition/macro questions
⚡️In addition to usual support in the Paragon Facebook Community 🤘🏼

Never heard of @paragonperformancetraining? It’s aesthetics-focused gym programming you can do to look & feel damn good on minimal time commitment 👑

Nutrition *ONLY* available to Paragon Members – And we’re starting immediately in the New Year.